Located on the Beautiful East End of Long Island, Superior Landscape Solutions are true tree experts and has been providing expert tree removal, tree care and landscaping services . Our company and staff of arborists and tree care professionals, are dedicated to preserving the same majestic beauty of our community and your own yard.

Our certified tree experts will evaluate your property, discuss your landscaping goals and make the best recommendations to achieve your vision. We will identify dead or decaying trees that should be removed for safety or aesthetic reasons. Which trees need to be trimmed or added to enhance the beauty of your yard, and possibly increase the total value of your property.

On some occasions healthy trees on your property will need to be removed for various reasons, such as, when trees are in precarious/ enclosed/ oddly angled/ difficult locations, trees that are leaning over a house/ pool/ car, or that are entangled in electric wires. We provide safe and prompt removal of unwanted trees utilizing the latest arborist techniques and well maintained equipment.

We offer expert residential, municipal and commercial tree services to all of Eastern Long Island including the twin forks